Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I think I have ADD

I think my brain is becoming a bit too bloggy, if that's possible (or a word at all?) I keep finding myself narrating my day (inside my head, of course - I learned a looooooong time ago that muttering to yourself makes other people skittish), or thinking, "That'd make a good blog topic!" And then proceeding to write said blog in my head, rather than concentrating on the ingredients being put into the dinner, or watching where I am walking when pooper-scoopering, or driving in the correct direction. You know. Normal things.

I am more than aware that my beloved has, for some time, called himself a 'blog widower'. I am also aware that I could go to bed at least an hour earlier than I do, should I choose to forego blogging. However, in my defence, I don't blog during the day (unless all the housework is done, and the kids are elsewhere being cared for by someone competent. So basically, I don't blog during the day), I don't blog if I'm forcing the issue, I don't blog when someone really needs a mummy cuddle that takes up several hours on the couch and results in my shoulder being used as Kleenex, and I certainly don't blog for money. Haha. What I DO blog for, is therapy. It's free, it's readily available, and I can have a good whinge / sook / hiphiphooray in my bloggy community, and feel fantabulous afterwards. (Also, it's a handy baby book for the mother who was too disorganised to write any of the precious moments down.)

That said, today I don't have a theme, or a message, or even a serious gripe to write about. It was a mixed tape kind of day. Do you like mixed lollies? Or chocolates with different (surprise!) centres in them? I do. Too much. So here is my day, in bits that will not connect, flow, or make sense when read together whatsoever.

* Jack went back to school for Term 2 today. Soooooooo different to the first day of Term 1 - I was not nervous at all!!!! He was in a great mood this morning, and did this funny little bow with a flourish and greeted his Daddy with "hello, your royus hiyus!" (I may have quite possibly watched quite a bit of telly about the royals in the last week...) On the way to school, he asked what a 'royus hiyus' was, and so I started to explain about kings and queens, and royalty...and I think my boy regretted asking! But he seems keen to stay up and watch a bit of the royal wedding with me on Friday, so at least someone in this house will sit with me without bagging it!! When we got to school, he ran in, so excited to see his mates. I was delighted that he was so happy, so I made a swift exit with a rather sad Phoebalina.

* Phoebs has always been tall, or 'long' - a skinny minnie most of the time (apart from occasional growth spurts when she chubs out a smidge!). Lately, several people have expressed extreme surprise at how young she is. Her speech, combined with her height, makes her seem much older than three-and-a-half. And of course, the Ballerina would happily allow you to be under the impression that she was 8. And had enjoyed a pink princess birthday party when she turned 8. You get the idea. Anyway, she stunned me today, because when we returned home from the school run, she played so well with Maisie I was able to get actual tidying up done. Properly. I know, right? She relinquished beloved toys when the Mouse cracked a wobbly; shared snacks without being prompted; and created little games that both girls could play together. It seems as though my little 'big' girl has all of a sudden leapt up the growth chart. (Of course, she still  managed one of her legendary double-barrelled-to-the-chin sneezes on the way to bad I had to pull over. Nice.)

* The Mouse is currently trying very hard to be a big girl. She walks everywhere; has learned how to admonish the dogs even better than I (and even when they are not doing anything naughty at all!); and has developed a sing-songy little burbly chatter that narrates her day. Quite often she will toddle over to me, utter a string of melodic syllables with an utterly serious face, smile winsomely with all of her teeth showing, and will turn to some new fascination. I am a big fan of the toothy grin. It is so cheeky, and she knows it - and try as I might, I haven't been able to capture it with the camera. This Mouse is a wily one. However, there are still moments of baby softness that I am clutching at desperately...such as tonight, when I managed to feed her to sleep. Tonight, instead of wriggling and laughing and trying to pull my hair, she had a dream-feed snuggled in my arms. One velvety little hand patted the skin on my chest and stroked my arm lazily, as though I was hers, completely, body and soul. I suppose, I am - just as I am completely Jack and Phoebe's, too.

Maisie has a tiny little freckle on the inside of her pointer finger on her left hand, which I attempt to wipe off every single day because it looks like a splodge of Vegemite. I like to watch this freckle when she feeds, as well as the crease at the nape of her neck, and the little kiss curls that form a mullet on the collar of her babygro, and the flushed, apricot cheeks that I stroke to see if she's truly asleep, or just dozing. It's these moments of babyhood I savour, because they are fast running away from me, as quickly as the Mouse's legs can stumble. I suppose we've got a little while before the wide-legged stagger becomes a more capable method of transportation...and also a while yet to enjoy the fledgling 'kisses' (done by smacking the lips together), the blowing of kisses (a new and totally hilarious skill) and the frantic waving bye-bye that involves hand-flapping so vigorous that she turns bright red. The accompanying "Ay-yo! Ay-yo!" which is Mouse-speak for goodbye, leaves me in fits of giggles every time.

* And Archie. A quick puppy-update for those of you who know our furry children!! Archie has already caught up to Daisy in size; has his very own crate and play-pen in the loungeroom; is ready to start the day around 4:30am; and has developed a beautiful relationship with our exceptionally shy pussy cat, Bella. Bella is so shy, some of our closest friends have never seen our seven-year-old cat. True. However, in the three weeks since Archie joined our family, old Bella has come out of her shell, so to speak. She rolls in the sun with Arch, shares food with him, and lets him go puppy-mad all over her, with only an occasional swipe. I will admit I broke up a rather amorous embrace today between Archie and Bella...simply because he is a baby and I cannot even come at the thought of a cog or a dat entering the family. I think I might have to keep a close eye on those two kids.

* In other bloggy news today, I randomly thought I blogging about a fabulous Michelle Bridges recipe I made for dinner last night - a hands-down winner with everyone, even the Mouse! I thought about writing about how frustrated I am, driving past our block every day with no sign of progress whatsoever. I thought about writing more about my Dad's soon-to-be-launched business, but the sneak-peek photo I wanted to give you wouldn't load. I thought about doing another 'Parenting 101' blog, because I have so many gorgeous girly friends about to have their first bubs. I thought about blogging a post on the irony that all three of my children are sleeping through the night at the moment, yet I am up twice a night to a crying, wee-ing baby. (Love you, Arch. But you're a bugger at night) Oh yes, my brain is a melting-pot of random thoughts...only some of them about chocolate. I wonder what will pop out of the blog-pot tomorrow?


beingbree said...

Oh Sal - firstly I love the new look - thought I hadn't noticed, didn't ya?!
Secondly - so it's not just me that rambles randomly in my head as though I was permanently writing a blog? Unfortunately when it comes to actually blogging I have forgotten all the fascinating, hilarious material I thought of during the day and am left with only muck to dish up - somewhat like letting all the chocolate melt in the daytime sun only to be left with revolting burnt gruel by dinnertime...

Rohan Beckett said...

a good read, as always... (probably one of the minority males who reads it!! ;)

...however this new font in the text body is a *tad* harder to read....